About Us

Friends of Berry Springs Park and Preserve

Flower/Plant Beautification

Plant-related improvement projects designed to make park guests feel right at home.

Pond Beautification

Pond-related water area maintenance and improvements.

Donkey Care

Care and maintenance of the two most popular four-footed park guests.

Invasive Plant Removal

Removal of noxious or otherwise undesirable plants within the park.

Fundraising & Events

Membership building and park-related events. Come grow with us!

Public Awareness

Increasing public awareness of the park, it’s location and current improvement projects.

Our Board

The Friends of Berry Springs 501(c)(3) was established in early 2020. Even though the Friends is a new organization, it is already having a positive impact on the park. Volunteers are creating a social media footprint with great photos, up-to-date park information and interviews with park experts. So, follow the Friends of Berry Springs and help the park grow through volunteerism, education and fundraising.

Our Board of Directors is made up of community members like yourself and are active volunteers at Berry Springs. As we develop our Membership and Volunteer programs, we ask you to join us for upcoming fundraising and volunteer events to help make Berry Springs Park and Preserve the crown jewel in Georgetown, Texas.

Karen Schnell, President

Glenn Holzer, Vice President

Ariel Dirienzo, Secretary

Elaine Steinbeck, Treasurer

Cindy Chrisler, Volunteer Coordinator

Cindy Hernandez, Membership Chairman

Susan Blackledge, Historian

Mark Pettigrew
Park Supervisor, Berry Springs
Park and Preserve

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I donate?

It's as easy as going to our donation page and making a donation.  We are using Donorbox and Stripe for online donations. If you prefer to send a check, please send it to:

Friends of Berry Springs
1801 County Rd 152
Georgetown, Texas 78626

What will my donation support?

All donor funding is used to promote awareness of and to accomplish projects in coordination with Berry Springs Park & Preserve. This includes the accomplishment of projects like flower/plant beautification, pond beautification, invasive plant removal, park events, donkey care, and other actions necessary to promote the park and its activities. Upcoming Friends projects include making recycling available in the Berry Springs Park and Preserve and developing funding for a future interpretive center in the park.

Whom do I contact if I have a question or problem?

Please send a message via the Contact page and a member will respond to your question/concern.

Will I receive a receipt for my contribution?

Yes. You will automatically receive a receipt via e-mail when you donate. Our powerful and effective donation software (Donorbox) can very easily generate 501(c)(3)-compliant tax receipts for individuals and organization donations as well as consolidated donor receipts for the entire year.

How are Donation Funds are Used?

All donor funding is used to promote awareness of and to accomplish projects in coordination with Berry Springs Park & Preserve.

How can I cancel my online donation?

To modify or cancel your annual donation, visit Donorbox, click the Recurring Donations tab at the top of the page. You will then be brought to a list of all your recurring donation plans. Find the plan you wish to cancel and click the Edit button on the right.

What is a Friends Group?

Friends groups are independent non-profit partner organizations created and supported by people like you. Our long term goal is to help finance the establishment of an interpretive center in the park. As a Friends Group for Berry Springs Park and Preserve, we strive to serve as an important link to local communities and park user groups by assisting the park with daily programs, special events, fundraising & public education. Our partnerships enable us to use member skills, contacts and resources to make improvements to Berry Springs Park and Preserve and to provide services that might not otherwise be available.


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